What is the creative process famous singers follow in writing and performing their songs?

We might think that when we want to write music, it’s as easy as getting a piece of paper and writing down the song’s lyrics. When you are writing songs and performing them, especially for a wider audience, involves a multi-faceted creative process. 

Writing lyrics or lines of your song is just one part of the musical writing process. When you are done writing the lyrics, finding a matching melody is significant. Your musical piece should get in touch with your emotions or express yourself through the music. There are a lot of approaches to songwriting. Here are some of the techniques that famous singers follow to produce their musical hits. 

They tried something different.

Famous singers produce musical hits because they wrote music that is different or “crazy” compared to the existing theme of their time. When Rock and Roll first appeared, traditional musicians and their followers resisted the new musical genre. In some cases, they even accused it as the “devil’s” music. In reality, it originated from musical styles such as jazz, boogie, gospel, and rhythm and blues. 

Rock and roll started to become popular in the United States in the 1940′ and 1950s, and soon after, it became a prevalent musical genre. We have to thank these composers and singers for trying something new, which gave us rock and roll to enjoy. 

They took notes and recorded their ideas.

Sometimes musical concepts or ideas come in different or often bizarre timings. We have heard of many famous singers who wrote their songs for ten minutes and eventually becoming smash hits. 

Songs like Photograph by Ed Sheeran and See You Again by Charlie Puth are examples of songs written in 10 minutes when they were playing around with loops and melodies in the studio. 

So it’s essential that the moment you have ideas, write them down. Take note of the lyrics, tone, and melody. Imagine what would have happened if these famous singers did not note their ideas and written them down. 

They did not force themselves.

Writing songs is not easy; occasionally, you have your “Eureka” moments when ideas come out unexpectedly. But most of the time, we come to a point when we have a creative block. Even famous songwriters and singers have these moments. 

To write or perform, music needs a lot of effort and creativity. But, if at one point you lack inspiration, it is entirely ok to stop. You don’t have to force yourself. Professional artists recognized this creative block and knew when to take a break. Some famous songwriters can write in one sitting, but most need weeks or even months to complete their songs. 

They take breaks and stay away from their instruments, and do unrelated things to their songwriting. These breaks allow them to recharge, relax, and find the perfect time to write and perform their songs. 

Ed Sheeran in 2019 announced that he is taking an 18 months break from music. This overdue break is after completing his “Divide” tour that had 250 shows in two years. After four years of recovery from her mental and physical issues, Selena Gomez released her ‘Rare” album and two singles, “Look at Her Now” and “Lose You to Love Me,” which topped the Billboard 100. So breaks make sense for these famous artists, and we should have one also.