Music Market

How much the Internet has impacted the music business

The music industry has gone a long way since its humble beginnings. At the start of the 20th century, many changes shaped the music industry. Before these changes, music was usually performed live in opera houses or concert halls. 

People were only able to get a copy of songs through published sheet music. When people wanted to hear the musical pieces, they would have to buy sheet music and perform or ask someone to play musical instruments such as a piano, guitar, and violin at home. 

Radio Broadcasting

Inventions like phonography made recorded performances available to everyone who owns it. But what dramatically change all of these is the onset of radio broadcasting. Soon, bands and musicians’ performances are transmitted through the airwaves, and people get to enjoy music in the comfort of their homes.

Radio stations and towers were built to broadcast to a much wider audience. Opera and symphony concerts that were reserved for people who can afford to buy tickets are now available through the different radio stations.

Television Broadcasting and MTV

The invention of the television further changes the music industry. Soon people were able to watch performances from remote locations such as television stations in the comfort of their homes. It paved the way for the creation of Music Television (MTV). Although the first attempt to create music television in the 1970s was not successful, this did not deter music industry players. 

But in the 1980’s MTV gathered steam and became very important of the 80’s culture. Music has become not just singing the songs but also their costumes, performance, and storyline. The MTV videos have become an entire production with singers, props, scripts, locations, and special effects. 

MTV performances of singers like Michael Jackson were real a spectacle that involved a large production, advanced visuals, and special effects. Many artists established their great careers through MTV, including music icons like Madonna, Prince, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, etc. 

MTV built a considerable following and defined culture in the 1980s. Record labels invested a lot of money in the production of MTV’s. Many artists like Cindy Lauper, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, David Bowie, and Rod Stewart built very lucrative careers because of MTV. 

The Internet and how it Changed the Music Industry

The development of the Internet has dramatically changed the music industry. Long-established norms that were developed in the 1980’s has been abruptly replaced by something different. To give you an example, the guys at Plasterer Hobart skyrocketed their band audience by 50% just growing their Youtube subscriptions. They are only a small city band. Imaging international mega superstars.

Music that was once distributed in such physical formats as cassette tapes, CDs, Videotapes has replaced by digital distribution. In the early 2000s, streamed video and digital downloads became the primary source of popular videos and music. 

Even the production of music has also been affected. Small digital studios can produce their music and post it online to their followers. Many artists have used auto-tuning technology to remove imperfections in their tones and voices. Technology created artists who are great performers in their digital format but will have difficulty singing in live crowds due to the absence of digital auto-tuning.

The Internet also gave rise to independent music artists who produce their music and distribute it through music streaming websites and apps. The Internet provides this talented artist, who otherwise unknown, a venue to distribute their music without the backing of large record labels. 

The audience now has almost unlimited options and genres to choose from, whether independent artists, record label artists, or even viral upcoming musicians. The Internet has now become a large marketplace of music. 

Streaming video and music websites and apps have now become the primary source for the majority of people. Youtube, with its 1.5 billion users, is the most popular video and music streaming website in the world. But others would argue that technically it’s a video hosting website. But no one can say how much influence it has in shaping the music industry. 

Other popular streaming platforms are NetEase, a Chinese streaming and download platform that has 400 million users. SoundCloud, with 175 million users which is a Berlin-Bases streaming company. Spotify, which is probably the best know streaming website and currently has 170 million subscribers, half of them are premium paying users. Apple Music is also making waves since it launches and has around 50 million users. 

The Internet has transformed the music industry in many ways and would probably do so for the years to come. To survive this new competitive environment, artists and the music industry must learn to be flexible and adapt to the changes.  


What first got Famous Singers into music

We all have our favourite singers that we follow and enjoy listening to their music. Their voices have been a familiar sound in the airwaves, youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and other digital music platforms. But have you ever wondered what first got them into music?

These artists have made a name for themselves and have been a constant in the music industry for many years. Let’s see how they got started their career in music. 

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is an American singer known for her compelling voice and soulful renditions. Her voice was a constant in the 1980s when she first started her career. In the 1990s, her song “I Will Always Love You” was a soundtrack of the movie “The Bodyguard” that captured the audience’s heart and won her a Grammy Award in 1992. 

Whitney Houston first discovered her love for music at a young age when she started singing in a church in Houston. Her passion for music continued in high school when she became a background vocalist in school. She got her first break when Clive Davis, a music magnate, discovered her. She was just 19 years old when the public heard her performance on “The Merv Griffin Show,” which her a lot of positive reviews. 

Her career blossomed in 1985 when she released her first album, followed by another in 1987. During her decade’s long career, she became part of the US Billboard’s top hits on several occasions. She was one of the best-selling artists of all time, and the Guinness World Records recognized Houston as the most awarded female artist of all time. She might have gone, but her musical legacy will live on. 

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is an American singer who is well known as the Princess of Pop. She is also a songwriter, dancer and starred in a couple of Hollywood movies. From the late 1990s to the early 2000’s she was credited for the rise of the teen pop musical genre. Who would not be familiar with her songs like “Baby One More Time” or “Oops I Did It Again”. 

She captured a global following with her trendy songs and lively music. Her personal life has been as colourful as her career. But did you know that she started her career at an early age? Britney Spears started at a very young age of 11 when she joined the Star Search in 1992. People already notice her stage presence and her oozing charisma. 

Unfortunately, she lost to Marty Thomas, the eventual winner of Star Search 1992. She later became part of The Mickey Mouse Club and, through the years, made a name for herself with her series of smash hits in the 1990s. She is now dubbed as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. 

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is a multi-awarded artist who has sold two million albums and 20 million singles. Lovato has been awarded 14 Teen Choice Awards, 5 People’s Choice Awards, Guinness Worl Record, and MTV Video Music Award.  

She also starred in “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2”, which were Disney Channel’s music television films. She even collaborated with artists such as Joe Jonas, which eventually part of the top ten of the billboard hot 100. She also became the voice of “Smurfette” in the 2017 movie Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Demi Lovato has achieved a lot in the music industry. Who have thought her career will take off from her roles in Barney & Friends from 2002-2004. She started her love for music at a young age when she learned to play the piano at seven years old. She continued learning other instruments like the guitar at age ten and afterwards began acting and dancing lessons until she had her first break in Barney & Friends. As they said, start them young. 

These artists have shown that with their passion for music and drive to succeed, they were able to reach the pinnacle of success. Their love for music and performance got them into the music industry. They are now part of our lives and will probably continue to influence our music


What is the creative process famous singers follow in writing and performing their songs?

We might think that when we want to write music, it’s as easy as getting a piece of paper and writing down the song’s lyrics. When you are writing songs and performing them, especially for a wider audience, involves a multi-faceted creative process. 

Writing lyrics or lines of your song is just one part of the musical writing process. When you are done writing the lyrics, finding a matching melody is significant. Your musical piece should get in touch with your emotions or express yourself through the music. There are a lot of approaches to songwriting. Here are some of the techniques that famous singers follow to produce their musical hits. 

They tried something different.

Famous singers produce musical hits because they wrote music that is different or “crazy” compared to the existing theme of their time. When Rock and Roll first appeared, traditional musicians and their followers resisted the new musical genre. In some cases, they even accused it as the “devil’s” music. In reality, it originated from musical styles such as jazz, boogie, gospel, and rhythm and blues. 

Rock and roll started to become popular in the United States in the 1940′ and 1950s, and soon after, it became a prevalent musical genre. We have to thank these composers and singers for trying something new, which gave us rock and roll to enjoy. 

They took notes and recorded their ideas.

Sometimes musical concepts or ideas come in different or often bizarre timings. We have heard of many famous singers who wrote their songs for ten minutes and eventually becoming smash hits. 

Songs like Photograph by Ed Sheeran and See You Again by Charlie Puth are examples of songs written in 10 minutes when they were playing around with loops and melodies in the studio. 

So it’s essential that the moment you have ideas, write them down. Take note of the lyrics, tone, and melody. Imagine what would have happened if these famous singers did not note their ideas and written them down. 

They did not force themselves.

Writing songs is not easy; occasionally, you have your “Eureka” moments when ideas come out unexpectedly. But most of the time, we come to a point when we have a creative block. Even famous songwriters and singers have these moments. 

To write or perform, music needs a lot of effort and creativity. But, if at one point you lack inspiration, it is entirely ok to stop. You don’t have to force yourself. Professional artists recognized this creative block and knew when to take a break. Some famous songwriters can write in one sitting, but most need weeks or even months to complete their songs. 

They take breaks and stay away from their instruments, and do unrelated things to their songwriting. These breaks allow them to recharge, relax, and find the perfect time to write and perform their songs. 

Ed Sheeran in 2019 announced that he is taking an 18 months break from music. This overdue break is after completing his “Divide” tour that had 250 shows in two years. After four years of recovery from her mental and physical issues, Selena Gomez released her ‘Rare” album and two singles, “Look at Her Now” and “Lose You to Love Me,” which topped the Billboard 100. So breaks make sense for these famous artists, and we should have one also.